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Have you been thinking of joining the fast-growing number of internet entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the world wide web?  Ken Evoy is arguably one of the Internet's most famous and successful marketing experts.  His series of free e-books have started thousands on their way to making money on the net.  In his straight forward, easy-to-read style, Ken does more than just cover the basics - he explains what works and what doesn't, the importance of good content on your website, how to PRE-sell your product or service, and much, much more.  These e-books are guaranteed to get the ideas flowing, allowing you to find the right e-business for YOU.  And the best part is - they're free!  So choose the courses that interest you, and start your e-education today.     


Service Sellers Masters Course

By services, don't necessarily think of Net-related services like programming or Web design. You could be...

- an electrician
- a cartoon artist
- a proof-reader
- a personal coach
- an interior decorator
- a landscaper
- a copywriter
- a trainer (of just about anything!)

The possibilities are endless. And whether your clients are "local" (ex., a fitness trainer) or "global" (a graphics designer) in nature, the Service Sellers Masters Course shows you how to
use the Net to build a client base in a fast, cost-effective way.

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Affiliate Masters Course

What's your passion? Your area of interest and knowledge?...

Financial matters? Automobiles? Health? Gardening? No matter what your interest, the Affiliate Masters course will show you how to convert your passion and knowledge into income.

This course shows anyone how to become a high-earning affiliate champion. Yes, a-n-y-o-n-e... it applies to any person who is interested in starting any kind of affiliate business. And not just those who want to "start."

Most affiliates start wrong and then just keep adding to that. Take this course and get your "affiliate vehicle" out of that dead end and onto a superhighway.

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Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course

Starting your own Webmastering service business is certainly not a high-risk proposition. Small business owners are actively searching for a Webmaster who understands their needs, and who offers quality service at affordable prices.

The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course will help you get started on the right "business" track. It covers a range of need-to-know operational topics from developing a comprehensive business plan, to targeted marketing, to designing for your client's success (and yours!), to finding clients, to communicating effectively, to writing winning proposals, to signing profitable contracts. Bypass common hurdles and mistakes that can cost you time and money.

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Netwriting Masters Course

A riddle for you... What single feature of every Web site receives the least attention (in terms of time and money), yet literally is the most important factor for making the sale?

If you said, "Words," congratulations! You already realize more than those overfunded, underperforming dot-com companies! Because here's the bottom line on words...

No matter what you sell on the Net... If you want to sell more, write better. Use the right words. Because words sell, not graphics or technology.

Once you know how, it's simply not that hard. And after you finish this course, you will know how.

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Pricing Masters Course

Fortune 500 companies pay pricing consultants $15,000 per product to deliver profit-maximizing pricing strategies. Other than the Fortune 500, no one prices optimally. Everyone leaves money on the table. The only question is...

"How much money am I leaving on the table?"


What's worse than pricing an existing or new product badly? Wasting a year and a lot of money developing a product that no one will pay for!...

Do you have an idea for a new product? Discover a huge secret of top companies... do a feasibility study. You could save yourself a ton of time and money... or you could confirm exactly how powerful your idea really is!

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Net Auction Masters Course

If you're still searching for your online niche, stop hunting and check out a Net auction business! It's the perfect e-biz for anyone -- start-up cost and investment risk are minimal (just use the stuff destined for this year's yard sale to get started!), profit potential is high and Net Auctions are simply fun!

The Net Auction Masters course will plant your feet firmly on the ground and provide you with the information and confidence you need to start and grow a profitable Net auction business.

Join the "Net Auction Game" and WIN!

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